Q1. What is the format of play?

A1. The Tournament director will make that determination based on the number of players in each division.  Possible formats include Round Robin and Double Elimination.


Q2. Will this tournament have skill level (3.5, 4.0, etc.) events?

A2. Yes

3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and OPEN in Mixed Doubles

3.5, 4.0 and OPEN in Gender Doubles

If you do not have a DUPR rating this link will help you self evaluate: https://www.paddletek.com/blogs/news/pickleball-ratings-guide#:~:text=Most%20pickleball%20players%20figure%20out,tournament%20results%20from%20PickleballTournaments.com.


Q3. Are their age brackets for this event

A3. Since this is a fun event focused on raising awareness for the WWP all ages will play together based on skill level.


Q4. How many teams will be allowed in each division?

A4. Player limits are at the discretion of the tournament directors, who reserve the right to limit the number of players playing in each event. Registration will close once all divisions are full.

Each bracket will initially have an equal number of slots available. After the initial registration period any of the unused slots from 1 event will be moved to other events that have teams on the non-confirmed list. This will be prioritized by which brackets have the longest wait lists and teams will be moved into brackets and off the non-confirmed list by a lottery process.


Q5. What happens if there are not enough players in a bracket?

A5. The tournament director reserves the right to combine brackets if not enough entries are available. 


Q6. When will the Event Player List be available?

A6. Will be published approximately on April 1st


Q7. When will the start times be available?

A7. All communication will be done through the mobile phone number you provide at registration.  Detailed start times will be available after charts have been created and seeded. Court assignments and match waiting lists will be available at midnight the day that each event is to be played.


Q8. When does registration open?

A8. January 30 at noon CDT


Q9 When does registration close?

A9. All players must be registered before March 31st.


Q10. A) Can I register for more than one event per day? 

A10. No, you may play in only one event per day.


Q11. When I registered, I listed my partner. Does listing my partner register him or her as well?

A11. No, each player must register individually and accept the waiver.  Only those individuals who have submitted their own registrations and paid registration and event fees will be considered registered. Registration includes providing contact information, selecting events/partners, and paying all fees. When a participant provides contact information their name is listed among players registered for the tournament and their name may appear on the “Needs Partner List” if they have registered for an event but have not identified a partner. Each player must register themselves for the tournament.


Q12. What are my registration and event fees?

A12.    Registration fee per person: $55

Event Fee Per Person: $25

Registration and event fees can be paid with a CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL through pickleballden.com tournament page.


Q13. When are my fees due?

A13. Fees are due at the time of registration. Players who submit a registration but not a payment are NOT registered or listed in the tournament. Players are not included in a non-confirmed event until registration and event fees are paid in full.


Q14. When is my registration considered complete?

A14. Registration is complete when the registration, insurance waiver and fees are paid for by both you and your partner


Q15. What if my partner gets hurt during the tournament; can I find a replacement?

A15. Yes. If your partner cancels, email wwp2024@bpcares.org to add a new partner. This is the ONLY EMAIL ADDRESS that will accept changes. If you choose to email someone else, the delay could cause you to miss strict deadlines, and that will be on YOU.


Q16. What if I want to register for a doubles event, but I don’t have a partner?

A16.  Players who have registered for an event without a partner can view and be viewed by other players needing partners by clicking the “Needs Partner” button on pickleballden.com.


Q17. If I have to cancel my registration and withdraw from the tournament, can I get a refund?

A17. 100% of the proceeds from this event directly benefit soldiers in the Wounded Warrior Project in North Texas.

Your registration is a donation to the Texas Non-Profit Corporation, BP Cares.

We appreciate you letting us know in advance if you are not able to participate in the tournament for any reason and we request you allow us to retain your donation for our charitable goals.

Should you demand financial refund, please contact us at info@bpgives.org for processing. The deadline for requesting a refund is 25 March 2024.


Q18. When will I receive a confirmation of entry?

A18. Upon registering, all participants will also receive an email confirming the contact information contained in their registration profile on pickleballden.com,


Q19. What is the address for Unity Park?


Unity Park

2200 Briarhill Blvd

Highland Village, TX 75077


Q20. Will there be parking near the courts?

A21. Yes


Q22. Will food be available at the courts?

A23. No, there are a number of restaurants within a mile of the venue.


Q24. Will there be water at the courts?

A24. Yes, water will be available on-site.


Q25. May I bring a pop-up shade tent?

A25. Yes, there will be a designated area


Q26. Are dogs or other pets allowed?

A26. We welcome the presence of service animals assisting people with disabilities. A service animal is an animal that is individually trained to do a specific disability-related job or task for a person with a disability.


Q27. Can I bring a cooler?

A27. Yes


Q28. Can I bring my own alcohol?

A28. No alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto the tournament grounds, If you consume alcoholic beverages, please do so in a responsible manner. Please note, tailgating is not permitted in any of the parking areas.


Q29. Can I bring lawn chairs?

A29. Yes, but cannot be located inside of the fenced area


Q30. Will there be a referee for every match?

A31. No-each match will be self refereed.


Q32. Why must I check in each day I play?

A33. You must check in each day you play so we know if all the players have arrived and to provide an opportunity to ensure your tournament registration is in order. Players will not be allowed to play if any part of their registration is incomplete or their event fees have not been paid.


Q34. What time do I need to be checked in by each day I play?

A34. Players must check in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the event’s start time. Your bracket could start 30 minutes early!


Q35. Will the results be on the Internet?

A35. Yes, results, brackets, schedules, court assignments, matches waiting for court assignments, and the player directory can all be accessed via pickleballden.com.

Results will be posted as soon as a match is completed and the score sheet is returned to the Tournament Desk. Court assignments and match waiting lists will be updated when the score sheets are entered.


Q36. What if it rains?

A36. We will do our very best to play, but if it rains the event will be canceled.


Q37. Will you provide refunds if it rains?

A37. This is an outdoor event subject to the weather. No refunds or credit will be issued for cancellation of events due to inclement weather. We will do all we can to play all matches including modifying the format if necessary.


Q38. When will start times be available?

A38. Detailed start times will be available after charts have been created and seeded. Approximately 3 days prior to the start of the tournament. Court assignments and matches waiting lists will be available at midnight the day that each event is to be played.